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Internet Lawyer: Hiring Tips

Posted by cybertriallawyer on June 25, 2009

We’ve covered the first two tips on how to hire an Internet lawyer. You’ve searched for an Internet lawyer on the search engines and found both advertising and natural results. We’ve told you in general terms not to go hunting elephants with a BB gun, and don’t swat that fly with a sledgehammer. Now for the next one:

Number Three: Expect a short, complimentary introductory telephone call. But don’t expect to set up an appointment with an attorney to do so. The top Internet lawyer is extremely busy. He will be faced with dozens upon dozens of calls from prospective clients each week. Be prepared to spend on average five or ten minutes with a top Internet lawyer but understand that if he booked appointments, it would take up several hours each day, and an internet lawyer works on an hourly basis. So his time is all that he has to sell. During that call, you should be able to get a feel for how the internet lawyer would approach your situation at a very high level. Usually the first step once an internet lawyer is hired is for him to conduct an analysis of your situation and come back to you with his findings and recommendations.


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Internet Lawyer Defined

Posted by cybertriallawyer on June 25, 2009

Traverse Internet lawyer definition continued….

It sure seems like there is many an Internet lawyer available online. But reality tells us that most are young, inexperienced and recent law graduates just getting their feet wet. One day they may make a great Internet lawyer. The bad news is that they are not ready for prime time, down and dirty, high stakes, bet the business types of issues, or frankly not even more basic or seemingly standard legal disputes. But they are great resources for basic contracts, and if you are in a pinch financially they are almost always relatively inexpensive. In fact, I refer work to them all the time because they can handle certain types of work just as well as Traverse Internet Law for much less money.

Rule number one: When hiring an Internet lawyer take time and try not to overhire or underhire. You lose money if you overhire.

Rule number two: It’s better to overhire than underhire. You lose the case if you underhire.

Rule number three is coming soon.

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Internet Lawyer Definition

Posted by cybertriallawyer on June 24, 2009

Internet Lawyer. What does that really mean? A lawyer on the Internet? Or is an Internet lawyer someone who went to law school and got a law degree in Internet Law?

Actually, none of the above. An internet lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in the web and most of the legal principles and laws that govern the web. An internet lawyer most often is an intellectual property lawyer because the most common issues relate to copyright and trademark, both big parts of the law of intellectual property. But many, many issues don’t center upon intellectual property. So a background and deep understanding of contract law is helpful. And considering the number of disputes and contentious situations that arise online, a strong trial background (not just a litigator who has handled discovery and pleadings and all the preliminaries to trial) is very helfpful.

In the end, though, an ideal Internet lawyer should have a broad range of legal experience over many decades, but is also a technologist or online marketing expert or internet business industry veteran. The experience on the business side is essential. You won’t feel like you need to lead your lawyer through all of the finer points of the technology or business. And you’ll sleep much easier at night.

Food for thought.

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