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Internet Lawyer Defined

Posted by cybertriallawyer on June 25, 2009

Traverse Internet lawyer definition continued….

It sure seems like there is many an Internet lawyer available online. But reality tells us that most are young, inexperienced and recent law graduates just getting their feet wet. One day they may make a great Internet lawyer. The bad news is that they are not ready for prime time, down and dirty, high stakes, bet the business types of issues, or frankly not even more basic or seemingly standard legal disputes. But they are great resources for basic contracts, and if you are in a pinch financially they are almost always relatively inexpensive. In fact, I refer work to them all the time because they can handle certain types of work just as well as Traverse Internet Law for much less money.

Rule number one: When hiring an Internet lawyer take time and try not to overhire or underhire. You lose money if you overhire.

Rule number two: It’s better to overhire than underhire. You lose the case if you underhire.

Rule number three is coming soon.


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